Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

The Company

Network for Ideas is an investment and participations company founded on August 08, 2008 that aims to develop business opportunities that are scalable through knowledge and relationships.



Develop opportunities in scalable business through knowledge and relationship.

Big Dream

10/100 x 4 years










Follow the Management Plan, Planning and decision making through performance dashboards.


Technologies that simplify processes and accelerate projects using SCALE concepts and IDEAS of the Exponential Organisations


Simplicity with Focus, knowing what to do and when to do, without deviating from the main objective


Growth Hacking, Experimentation and 60h: strategies indispensable in the daily life of each businesso

Global Goals

In 2015, world leaders set 17 goals for a better world by 2030. We have chosen three of these to develop our business. To see all 17 goals click here.

NI* is focused on business in Urban Mobility, Energy and Digital/Services



Indigo is the world leader in parking solutions, present in 16 countries. In Brazil, it manages 190,000 parking places in more than 40 cities.

4all is a Fintech that acts in digital transformation, with alternative methods of payment, and other services. Connecting different market segments into a single application.

Delivery Center is a delivery revolution. A new business model that promises a new way of providing food services, convenience items and gifts from the delivery medium. Welcome to an offline world union with the online world.

Relationship platform and intelligent solutions for parking through the handsfree experience. With OPnGO, you get discounts in the shopping center parking lots through registered stores.

Development, projects and real estate investment in high technology parking lots in urban mobility.

Property located in Rio Grande do Sul, produces; rice, soy, cattle and milk with high technology. NI * holds a position in the control group and has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2008.

Marketplace dedicated to hiring day-to-day services with the best professionals. Hire, receive budgets and pay everything on the same platform, with the guarantee of integrated service and quality.

Intelligent solutions for large-scale renewable energy generation are part of Brain Energy's market proposal. Management of all the steps of an electric generation project, from planning to implementation.

Manobra Solidária is a permanent clothing collection service created in 2004, which helps improve the lives of people in situations of social vulnerability.

ParkHub is an innovation hub whose main objective is to develop opportunities in exponential business based on knowledge, relationship and management.

Investment in projects, implementation, construction, management and operation of wind farms. Wind Park now has more than 1,700 MW in assets.

Network for Ideas is an investment and participations company founded on August 08, 2008 that aims to develop business opportunities that are scalable through knowledge and relationships.


Fernando Stein has been developing business since 1992. He is currently CEO of Indigo Brasil and a member of the international Grand Codir since January 2018.

Brazilian Entrepreneur, participated in the creation of several companies in the services and digital segments, and in 2008 created Network for Ideas.

He studied mechanical engineering at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and graduated as a commercial pilot. Fernando and his team invest and participate in the creation (venture building) of companies in the segment of urban mobility, energy and digital / services.

Fernando Carboni, in the portfolio of NI *, is dedicated to the development of projects and businesses in the energy sector. He is also responsible for the financial control and management of the company

Bachelor of Business Administration and Accounting, with an MBA in Business Strategy and Finance.

He has worked for more than 10 years in large companies such as Coca-Cola, Harman / Samsung and Renner Stores.

Participates in NI * projects since 2009 involved in the creation and development of new projects.

Media Room

Multiplan and Outback have seen Delivery Center members

The American Group Bloomin 'Brands, owner of the Outback and Abraccio restaurant chains, and the multiplan shopping mall company have become minority partners of Delivery Center, a technology company focused on the delivery area. Bloomin 'Brands does not disclose the acquired interest or the amount invested. Multiplan held 18.8% of the […]

Multiplan to invest R$ 12 millions in product delivery company

Multiplan announced on Wednesday (3) that it has signed a R $ 12 million investment agreement with Delivery Center Holding, a product delivery company that uses shopping malls as urban distribution centers. Under the terms of the agreement, Multiplan will hold an 18.8% interest in the share capital of Delivery Center, […]

Triider completes 3 years old!

"We started this dream 3 years ago. Since then, many things have happened ... And it was not easy to get here. We go through a trajectory of mistakes, successes, victories, focus, dedication and, especially, union. Nothing would be possible without an incredible team, tireless and extremely competent. We are more […]

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