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Multiplan and Outback have seen Delivery Center members

The American Group Bloomin 'Brands, owner of the Outback and Abraccio restaurant chains, and the multiplan shopping mall company have become minority partners of Delivery Center, a technology company focused on the delivery area. Bloomin 'Brands does not disclose the acquired interest or the amount invested.

Multiplan held 18.8% of the business in exchange for an investment of $ 12 million in Delivery Center. At first it may seem a not so high value for Delivery, one of the leading companies in this industry. It occurs that, in the agreement with Multiplan, Delivery Center has the exclusive right to operate and install delivery centers in the 18 malls managed by the group.

Another mall company, brMalls, has been a partner of the delivery company since May last year. With this, Multiplan and brMalls became shareholders of the same business. All of today's delivery partners were diluted for Multiplan's entry - including brMalls, which was in favor of the deal with the competitor, the company says.

Malls and restaurants have actively sought deals with delivery companies to make ordering faster to customers. Delivery Center, Rappi and iFood have benefited from this move. The founder of Delivery Center is Andreas Blazoudakis, a former shareholder of Movile, which controls iFood.

"There is an increase in competition in the delivery business of 'casual dining' networks and this requires a channel with conditions for online service," says Pierre Berenstein, president of Bloomin 'Brands Brazil.

At the moment, the agreement involves the sale of products from the Outback and Abbraccio networks by iFood using the Delivery Center logistics structure. Today, 12 restaurants in the group use the service, being nine Outback and three Abbraccio. The expectation is that 30 restaurants, 108 of them, offer the service until the end of 2019. In the country, the group has 95 Outbacks, 12 Abbraccio and a Fleming's.

The funds for the acquisition of the slice in Delivery Center came from Bloomin 'Brands' cash in Brazil, this capital is being invested in the operation and not in the exit of any member. Until then, the company had no agreement for delivery of orders made over the internet.

The agreement comes at a time of recovery of sales in the country. Outback Brazil grew 2.4% in the fourth quarter but shrank 1.5% last year. In 2017, it grew 6.3% "We were recovering the result throughout the year, but it was a difficult period, with political instability and the truckers strike," says Berenstein.


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