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Giraffas arrives at Delivery Center in Porto Alegre

Franchise network launches its first unit in a modern, efficient and intelligent delivery model

Keeping in mind the market trends, Giraffas, the largest complete meals network in the country, has just arrived at Delivery Center in Porto Alegre. The initiative aims to bring a modern and quality option to the end customer, while minimizing the costs of the franchisee and increasing its service area.

"In this new operation, we managed to withdraw not only the cost of logistics, but also its management. With this, we not only relieve the franchisee's pocket, but also ensure quality delivery, "said Jaime Laranjeiro, Giraffas Group Operations Director.

In addition to reducing costs, the new model can increase franchise service hours. "The option of accessing the deliverer through the Delivery Center application allows us to extend the work schedule of deliveries, in addition to not having more periods of idleness. And since we are in a place adapted for deliveries of all kinds, we also have the possibility of increasing our field of activity, "says Jaime.

The new Giraffas unit inaugurates a new operating format for the brand. The store works with the model dark kitchen, with exclusive production for the home delivery. "This is a standard that is already common in North American delivery applications, which is gaining momentum here. By working in this way, we have also reduced implementation costs by bringing an operation that dispenses tables for customers, counter and decoration ", points out Eduardo Guerra, Director of Expansion and Implementation of the Giraffas Group.

Eduardo believes in good results for the new store. "Our expectation is a monthly billing in the house of R $ 65 thousand. That is, in a year, only one store can reach almost $ 800,000 of revenue, in a restaurant that does not have the costs of local service, nor logistics. For the franchisee, it is an exceptional opportunity, "he says.

The Porto Alegre restaurant is the first in the model and the network already works to reach other important centers in the country. "We are in negotiation with other points and we believe that the model will soon arrive in the cities of São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Brasília, all very important for Giraffas, "predicts Eduardo.

To place an order at Giraffas Delivery Center, the customer can use the Giraffas service channels (phone delivery, website, WhatsApp, Twitter, My Giraffas Application), Delivery Center (phone, application, WhatsApp and website), or iFood .

About Giraffas

Giraffas carries 37 years of experience with approximately 420 units in 25 Brazilian states and shows a consistent expansion plan. It is the largest complete meals network in the Brazilian market and expects to billions of R $ 700 million in 2018, with the opening of 30 new units. The brand is present in streets, malls, bus stations and airports. Offering dishes, sandwiches and desserts. All with great flavor, quality and affordable price.


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