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Delivery Center, partner of BRMalls, plans to open 200 centers in malls

Delivery Center, a partner of BRMalls, plans to reach a total of 200 plants in operation in the country in the short to medium term. The company already has nine units in operation and another five to be opened this month. By 2019, it is expected to open one store per week, executive Andreas Blazoudakis announced Wednesday during a public meeting with investors and analysts.

BRMalls acquired a non-controlling stake in Delivery Center, a company that operates in the technology segment and seeks to integrate physical retailing online, with delivery of products on the same day or even at the same time of purchase, using malls as centers of distribution. The items traded range from clothing and electronics to fast food.

The Delivery Center centers are located inside the malls or in their parking lots and maintain a team of people who receive the orders from consumers, collect the items from the shopkeepers and make the quick delivery by motorcycle. "The malls serve as an excellent distribution hub," said Blazoudakis.

According to the executive, the investments in the expansion of the network will be below R $ 100 million and, reaching a total of 200 stores, the company should reach an evaluation of R $ 1 billion.

The units will be opened in both BRMalls and other operators. The company still maintains partnerships with applications such as Ifood, which today accounts for 70% of sales of food items.

The plan foresees 39 Delivery Center stores in São Paulo alone. The company is also in Rio de Janeiro and will open its first units in Belo Horizonte and Curitiba next year. The executive cited as an example that in Shopping Tijuca, after five months of operation of the Delivery Center unit, there was a 17% increase in sales in food stores and a 1.1% increase in total mall sales. "We move the 'pointer' of Shopping Tijuca, which is one of the largest in BRMalls," said Blazoudakis.

He added that the break even - break even - in the accounts of each plant should be achieved in a period of 12 to 18 months after its opening. At each sale, Delivery Center will have a share of up to 21% of the sales value if considered to provide the service of sale, collection and delivery.

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