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Created in the south of Brazil, delivery accelerates deployment of 200 points in the country.

A company created in Porto Alegre in 2017 is called by the country and called by the column Acerto de Contas of "shopping of delivery". The capital was the test of Delivery Center, a business inspired by China and founded by businessman Andreas Blazoudakis, a gaucho who participated in the creation of Movile and PlayKids.

The company already has six units in malls in Rio de Janeiro and will open another six. Installed the first in São Paulo, but the city will have 40 points, according to the businessman anticipated in the last program Acerto de Contas.

- In São Paulo, it is more complex because the area of ​​coverage is enormous. Starting in January, we will have a massive deployment in the city. One point per week.

In Porto Alegre, the Delivery Center started at Shopping Total, opened a plant on Protasio Alves Avenue and continued expansion. The southern zone of the city is missing, which will be attended soon when the negotiation with another mall is completed.

In the central unit, there are the so-called "dark kitchens". The gastronomy companies that traditionally operate with restaurants only open kitchens to serve only in delivery. Three new brands are settling in: Giraffas, Spoleto and Koni, which together have more than 1 thousand operations across the country. The catch is that this operation requires half the investment of a normal franchise.

With this concept, the idea is also to take Gaucho brands out of Rio Grande do Sul. Two companies here have already requested reservations for units in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

"They're strong in Porto Alegre, but they're not known outside, and we've helped identify franchisors," Blazoudakis says.

The company's goal is to have 200 distribution centers in the top 10 Brazilian capitals. The speech is to combine the expertise of traditional commerce with that of the Delivery Center, which is the online sale integrated with urban logistics.

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