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Banrisul closes partnership to create a new company

Banrisul closed a partnership with OPnGO Brasil Tecnologia. Together, companies are creating a new company, VeroGo. A relevant fact was sent to the market on Monday (26).

OPnGO owns a digital platform that automates the payment of parking lots in shopping centers in Brazil. However, he has international experience in developing solutions for parking and mobility.

According to the bank statement, the partnership is strategic and aims to offer an integrated payment solution, which has been dubbed the "VeroGo Solution." It is directed to shopping centers located in Brazil, including Rio Grande do Sul.

- It's a good deal that opens us windows of opportunities to work inside the malls, inclusive. Vero will be our national expansion tool for Banrisul - says Júlio Brunet, Banrisul's Director of Planning and Assistance and Investor Relations.

Also according to Banrisul, the partnership will allow the payment of purchases made in accredited stores and also parking fees. There will be integration of the Banrisul Tarjetas - Rede Vero accreditation system with the convenience service of access and payment of parking facilities provided by OPnGO.

"This partnership will be implemented through the creation of a new company, VeroGo, whose equity interests will be distributed in 44.01% to OPnGO, 43.99% to Banrisul Tarjetas, 6% to Banrisul and 6% to OPnGO Group. " - the statement said.

The completion of the operation is subject to compliance with certain conditions. Among them, authorizations of regulatory bodies of the market.

- The perception is that this joint venture announced was within the process of opening of capital of Vero, as a development of the business. As the IPO did not occur, but the joint venture seems to make sense, have announced now. Recalling that if the market improves, Vero's IPO may occur - analyzes Wagner Salaverry, partner of fund manager Quantitas.

Last week, Banrisul officially announced the withdrawal of the share capital of Banrisul Tarjetas. It maintained, however, the capital reduction approved at the meeting in March. The money used for distribution to shareholders has already entered the second quarter's balance sheet.

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