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Exclusive spaces for delivery increase revenue

In order to serve an audience that demands more and more quality and agility, Delivery Center has brought to Brazil a trend that is already consolidated abroad, especially in Asia: the dark kitchens. They are restaurants with only kitchens and no customers consuming on the premises, focused exclusively on deliveries. To present the advantages and potential of this format, the company held a workshop last week, bringing together restaurant managers.

The meeting took place in the dark mall of the Delivery Center, located at Avenida Protásio Alves, in Porto Alegre. It is a building that has been structured to accommodate 27 establishments. With three thousand square meters and more than half of the space already occupied and active, the place allows to take orders within a radius of up to eight kilometers, reaching 30% of the population of the Capital.

Among the main benefits to the entrepreneur is the low cost - both to invest and to open the business, as to maintain the operation. It is only necessary to install the equipment, since the structure is all pre-assembled. As the works are simpler than in relation to the shops on the streets, there are financial and time gains.

CEO of Delivery Center, Andreas Blazoudakis said that the gastronomic market is well heated and moves billions of reals. "We live in a moment of revolution in food delivery and taxis, so some companies already see the two segments in the same technology," said Blazoudakis, who is a co-founder of Movile and a shareholder in companies such as iFood, Apontador and Sympla.

One of the first tenants to occupy these spaces, Frederico Von Hoonholtz confirms the advantages of the business model. "Delivery Center came as a facilitator. Before, I was spending part of my time just thinking about logistics. In addition, actions taken jointly increased our sales by up to 50% in a few months, "said one of the partners of Mix Natural, which fully migrated the telentrega operation to the plant. The solution accounts for 90% of your sales.

Gabriel Gandolfi, a partner at Woking Thai Food, pointed out that shared logistics drives business. "Several operations come together to do a more prosperous and professional job. Since June, this is our first store 100% dedicated to the delivery service and already represents the biggest sale, "confided the manager.

Three other well-known brands have begun to serve from the delivery only model this month. Spoleto and Koni chose Delivery Center to open their new units in Porto Alegre. Both brands are among the top three that generate orders and deliveries at the Delivery Center in Rio de Janeiro.

"I noticed that the food industry has no crisis. I saw this business model as a great facilitator and a potential investor. This is a lean operation, in which I do not have to worry about delivery. The operation is safer, since I just have to worry about the production, "says Carlos Masiero, owner of the franchises.

On the 30th, it will open another heavyweight operation in Porto Alegre: the Giraffas. Together, the three brands total almost one thousand stores scattered throughout Brazil. The workshop was attended by representatives of various restaurants and franchises such as McDonald's, Applebee's, Subway, Pizza Hut, Al Nur, Oak's Burritos and TeleTrago.


To provide a shared online commerce solution for physical establishments, Delivery Center plans to have 200 delivery centers in the top ten Brazilian capitals. In addition to specialized buildings such as Avenida Protásio Alves, also called dark malls, the company uses shopping malls, shopping centers, galleries and markets as distribution platforms to serve customers from the surrounding area.

Among other channels, sales take place through the DTudo application, which also offers merchandise from Shopping Total store owners. "We are the first open platform on the market, and our concept is to bring together foods and goods," Andreas concluded.

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