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"BRMalls will use its 40 malls throughout Brazil as laboratories for the future of retail"

A week ago, BRMalls, the largest shopping mall manager in Latin America, debuted in charge of the retail vertical of Cubo Itaú, an entrepreneurship and startups center created by Itaú Unibanco and the Redpoint eventures fund in 2015 and which gained a new seat in the Vila Olímpia, in São Paulo, on the last day 15. The idea is to use the company's 40 malls, which together reached more than R $ 22 billion in sales in 2017, as a great laboratory of news that will be developed by startups and retail partners in Cubo Retail, official name of the vertical created by the partnership .

Retail vertical acts as a link to help startups benefit from the [40 BRMalls] ecosystem. At the same time, 10,000 shopkeepers and consumers with nearly 200 million interactions annually can benefit greatly from the solutions that Cube startups are developing, "against the CEO of BRMalls, Ruy Kameyama.

As we have already shown in the People's Gazette, the Cube's new building has 14 floors, ten of which are double: the upstairs is the company leader in the segment, responsible for mentoring and also connecting the connections between startups and large companies of the branch; and downstairs, startups in general, also from other segments.

There are also four other priority segments in the Cube that occupy other stages: health (with Dasa in command), fintechs (with Itaú Network in command), education (with Kroton in charge) and industry (still no leading company announced).

BRMalls does not say how much it invested in the Cube, but it is known that, like other companies that participated in the project, this partnership helped to make the new building viable and funded the entire Cubo Retail structure.

In addition to several positions for startups, both those that already worked with retail in the old building and those that will still be selected to fill open positions, Cubo Retail will have eight positions for employees of large retailers from different sectors who can follow up and help to develop solutions in conjunction with startups and in loco. Some retailers have asked to stay for a few weeks, others for a few months.

According to Kameyama, the first strategy to stimulate the connection between startups and big companies and that should be put in place in the coming weeks is to invite companies to attend events in Cubo Retail.

Within retail, one of the main focuses of BRMalls in Cubo Retail will be the omnichannel, or the integration between off and online channels, solution pointed by the experts as essential for the future of the retailers. "Believing this is why we decided this year to make our first investment in a startup, the Delivery Center, to help foster new integration solutions between online and offline retailers," explains Kameayma. The Delivery Center has CEO Andreas Blazoudakis, co-founder of Movile, owner of companies such as iFood and Sympla.

The selection of new retail startups is continuous, ie, has no date to start or end, and is integrated with the general entry of new startups in the Cube. Entries can be made at this link.

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