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Shopping malls invest heavily in e-commerce

São Paulo - Once considered a deadly threat, e-commerce is gradually becoming an opportunity for Brazilian shopping centers. Brazil's leading networks are setting up their own marketplaces and organizing logistics to encourage their shopkeepers to do what was previously scorned: […]

Delivery Center, partner of BRMalls, plans to open 200 centers in malls

Delivery Center, a partner of BRMalls, plans to reach a total of 200 plants in operation in the country in the short to medium term. The company already has nine units in operation and another five to be opened this […]

Exclusive spaces for delivery increase revenue

In order to serve an audience that demands more and more quality and agility, Delivery Center has brought to Brazil a trend that is already consolidated abroad, especially in Asia: the dark kitchens. They are restaurants with only kitchens and […]

Created in the south of Brazil, delivery accelerates deployment of 200 points in the country.

A company created in Porto Alegre in 2017 is called by the country and called by the column Acerto de Contas of "shopping of delivery". The capital was the test of Delivery Center, a business inspired by China and founded […]

Delivery Center e BRMalls anunciam parceria com Cubo Itaú

BRMalls vai usar seus 40 shoppings pelo Brasil como laboratórios do futuro do varejo BRMalls anuncia parceria com Cubo Itaú para fomentar a inovação e o empreendedorismo no varejo nacional Especializada em soluções e projetos que alavancam o varejo de shopping centers […]

Delivery Center lança aplicativo DTUDO

Delivery Center lança aplicativo DTUDO que permite aos consumidores fazerem suas compras sem sair de casa   A Delivery Center lançou o aplicativo DTUDO que permite aos clientes fazerem seus pedidos dos restaurantes, supermercado, farmácia, pet shop e lojas de vestuário sem […]

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